Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How to sign out from outlook 2007

Oh I think you may be cursing the Microsoft and Bill Gates for preparing such a program like Outlook 2007 when you met with an unexpected problem like this. But the solution for this problem is as simple as Outlook itself. I too had the same problem and I was also cursing. There is no need to log on to for solving this. Either you need not to log on to or If you log on to these sites for solution you will be led astray. Therefore I come to the solution.

The remedy for this is to just close the application. As soon as you close the application Outlook you will be automatically signed out. But you have to do one more thing in order to ensure that nobody send email from your account. Go Tools and take account settings then remove the tick from remember your password option. Then you can believe that nobody can access your account without entering the password. Once closed again if you want to send email you will have to enter the password. If you don't enter the password you will not even find the send button in the Outlook.

Then enjoy the Outlook and make merry.


  1. i tried that.. but when i reopen it.. its still logged on..

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  3. Thanks a lot man...i was really confused abt this thing..:)

  4. even if u have to enter the password.. it is only for sending the mail.. anyone without access rights can still see the mails that are there... any remedy for that..??

  5. it's true, i just tried it, it is not working. whenever i reopened it, it's logged on. now i can't use it because a lot people have access to my computer. is there any other thing i can do guys

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  7. I too was facing the same problem. But now, it is resolved. Just do the following in order to remove your account completely from outlook.

    1. goto tools -> account settings. Uncheck Remember password
    2. remove your account from accounts list (tools->account settings).
    3. Delete all files from this folder:

    In the above path, just replace "username" with the username of your PC

    1. this worked.. thanks a lot :)

    2. I CAN'T FIND C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\ THIS PATH

  8. thanks for solution my outlook sing out problem.................

  9. Hello Jayanna,
    u said tools--> ..........
    n where tool option in MS Outlook Wizard i can't find out
    pls tell me where we can change options


  10. Hello boyapati,

    you will find it on file menu.

  11. can microsoft outlook be used on a single computer by more than one user?because there is no option for signing out.

  12. 1 go to control panel .2 mail. open
    remove. your profile is deleted and safe now.of manage as u need it

  13. I have done this with Outlook 2010

    When you close Outlook 2010 you will be signed out of your email accounts. You can push Outlook 2010 to ask your user name and password every when it starts, so nobody can see your emails. Do as following:
    1) Go to Home Tab
    2) Click on Your email (example:
    3) Go to File Tab
    4) Click on Info
    5) Click on Account Setting box
    6) Then on Account Setting rectangle (which is the first one)
    7) On Account Setting window select E-mail Tab
    8) Select desired email (example:
    9) Click on Change icon (which is below the tab row)
    10) Change Account window appears. On the Change Account window click on “More Settings …” button
    11) On the window which appears click on Security Tab
    12) Click on check box left to the “Always prompt for logon credentials”
    13) Click OK
    14) Then Click Next on Change Account
    15) Then Click Finish
    16) Then Click Close on Account Setting window

    After these steps, every time you start Outlook 2010, you will be asked for your email user name and password. Nobody can see your emails!

  14. i tried it but i could not sign out from outlook can u suggest some other way please............

  15. thanks guys for the infor

  16. It worked. Many Thanks.

  17. What I can suggest for Outlook 2007 is go to Tools>Account Settings> Advanced Settings> you should be able to check off a box that says "Always Prompt for Logon credentials" click that and you will always need to insert username and password when opening the email.

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  20. it's working but if some open my outlook that person can able to see my every mail list, while creating or sent any mail then only the password page will open, so how disable the view option

  21. 1
    Click the "Start" button in the computer's task bar, and select the "Control Panel" option from the Start menu.

    Choose the "User Accounts" option, followed by the "Mail" option to open the "Mail Setup" window.

    3 Press the "Show Profiles" option beneath the "Profiles" heading.

    Select the "Prompt for a profile to be used" option beneath the "When starting Microsoft Office Outlook, use this profile" heading.

    Click the "Apply" button, followed by the "OK" button to save the changes. Now, whenever you quit Outlook, you will be logged out of your Outlook account.

    1. Thank you... its working..:)

    2. Thank you man this is the one that really worked!

    3. Tried everything..this one works great!Many thanks!


  22. awesome buddy....great job.

  23. I have removed my acount but still it is opening my E-mails

  24. Tried all this nothing worked. No remember password to uncheck.

  25. Step 1
    Launch Outlook 2007, click "File" and then click "Data File Management." Outlook opens the Account Settings dialog box.
    Step 2
    Click the "Data Files" tab to view a list of personal folder files that you have created. Click the Personal Folder file you would like to protect and then click "Settings." The Personal Folders dialog box opens. If you have not created a password for the Personal Folder file, proceed to the next step. Otherwise, remove the check mark from the "Save This Password in Your Password List" check box. Doing this ensures that Outlook asks for your password whenever someone launches Outlook and attempts to view the Personal Folder file that contains your inbox and other personal Outlook information.
    Step 3
    Click the "Change Password button and type a password in the "New Password" text box. Retype the password in the "Verify Password" text box. The Personal Folders dialog box has a "Save This Password in Your Password List" check box. Do not put a check mark in this check box. When you don't put a check mark in that check box, Outlook asks for the password when someone tries to open the Personal Folder file that contains your Outlook information.
    Step 4
    Click "OK" to close the dialog box and apply the changes.

    1. It works! Thanks a lot :)

  26. I am not able to log out from MS outlook express reply my

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